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While most labels can hurt, discovering an ADHD diagnosis can actually be supportive, liberating and empowering. Learning that your behaviors and habits are not formed because you "don't work hard enough" or "have a bad memory" or "aren't good enough" can help you learn and communicate what you need for optimal success.

Is this you:

Feeling like your thoughts can be in several different places at once?

Finding it challenging to stop what you're doing and moving to another task (hyper focus)?

Losing track of time (time blindness)?

Feeling like you might have memory issues?

Struggle to complete boring tasks?

Feeling irritable with distractions?

Things CAN get better 

It doesn't have to stay this way

You are not alone!

How an ADHD Assessment and Diagnosis Works with us:

All of the steps are completed through online encrypted video services

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