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Counselling for First Responders

Specialized Expertise

Certified Providers

Counselling for front line works includes paramedics, health care professionals, police service, stars, firefighters, other helping professionals and their families

counselling for first responders

What is counselling for first responders?

First responders are exposed to various forms of trauma throughout their shifts. Their families become exposed to secondary trauma by vicariously hearing about their loved one's experiences and by the risk their loved ones take every day.

Clinicians who specialize in first responders are trained and experienced in understanding the dynamic culture, the unique administrative stressors, the complex relationship amongst colleagues and the mindset required to perform duties.

When experienced clinicians work with first responders less emphasis is placed on shock or surprise in the story and more on the way in which the brain has or has not processed the information.

Modalities such as EMDR work to not only treat, but also prevent PTSD thereby allowing for first responders to enjoy quality of life and relationships. This is especially effective with regularly booked sessions to debrief recent shifts or relationship dynamics.

Confidentiality in all counselling is required and strictly adhered to however, special measures are taken for first responders due to the unique risks.


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