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Counselling for South Asians
First Born Generations

Specialized Expertise

Lived Experience

south asian counselling

What is counselling for South Asians - First Born Generation?


Our team of professional South Asians have lived experience as well as a clinical understanding of the research and tools needed to come into your authentic space where you feel grounded and comfortable being seen for all of you!

Issues such as inter-generational trauma, immigration, identity, relationships, boundaries, expectations, and perfectionism are unique in the South Asian context and require specialized considerations.

We are privileged and grateful to embrace the experience of culture and mosaic identity while at the same time appreciating that the exploration of your identity in the past, present and future deserves validation and reconciliation! 

We specialize in South Asian Counselling to support you in finding your own voice in a non-judgemental safe space for you to explore who you are and how you want to live out your life while respecting those you care deeply about.

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